Warning Signs of Power Steering Failure

Power Steering Service and Repair Albuquerque, NM!

Almost all cars now have power steering systems to make it easier for drivers to steer the car. However, power steering failure is risky because the motorist can miscalculate the execution of a turn or lose control of the car and have an accident.

Power steering failure can usually be avoided because it often happens gradually with enough warning signs before completely failing although a sudden failure is also possible. Here are some of the warning signs of a failing power steering system:

1. Whining, shrieking or moaning sound as you turn the steering wheel are indicators of low steering fluid level.

2. A freely turning steering wheel that requires a major effort to turn the car.

3. Power steering fluid leaks if you see a pink, amber or red fluid on the ground under your car which has been parked for hours. If you can’t easily distinguish the color, put a white sheet under your parked car and check after several hours.

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