Albuquerque Replacement Valve Cover Gasket

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The valve cover is there to keep the oil in and is found on virtually every existing internal combustion engine today. Our mechanics are experts on almost every make and model of car and truck. We will help keep your car or truck running like it should, so bring your car in today for valve cover gasket replacement in Albuquerque.

The Valve Cover Gasket helps seal the joint between the Valve Cover and the rest of the engine. If the Valve Cover Fails then oil leaks from the car’s engine. A leaking valve cover gasket is a fairly common problem. If you live in Albuquerque and need a Valve Cover Gasket replaced then you have come to the right Auto Repair Shop. Our Car Mechanics are ASE Certified and some of the Best in Albuquerque.

Additionally we are individually owned and operated and have some of the best deals on Valve Cover Gasket Replacement in Albuquerque.

Some symptoms of faulty or failing valve cover gasket include:

  • Oil all over the engine compartment
  • Smoke coming off the engine / exhaust manifold, and strong smell of burnt oil
  • Damaged spark plugs
  • Cylinder misfires
  • Engine running rough while idling, accelerating or both
  • “Check Engine” light comes on
  • Damaged spark plug wires

If you have any of these symptoms with your car or truck, don’t delay – bring your vehicle in to Albuquerque valve cover gasket service shop as soon as possible for a fast diagnostic. We will get you back on the road fast and keep your vehicle running like it should – and for a lot less than you might expect!