Uncomfortable and Bouncy Car Ride in Albuquerque

Albuquerque Shocks and Struts

If you feel that you’re having a rough ride lately, maybe you need to check the struts and shocks of your vehicle. These two parts jointly work to provide car users a comfortable, smooth and safe travel.
The struts are cylinders which contain large springs inside. They are located at the front area of the car as part of the suspension which holds the wheel and stabilizes the car or truck. Struts cylinders are bigger than the shocks tubes.

On the other hand, shocks which are located at the rear area minimize bounce and vibrations resulting to a smoother ride. Shocks consist of two tubes filled with fluid where the smaller tube slides into the bigger and longer one.

Car manufacturers have not specified a replacement schedule for shocks and struts but will have to be replaced some time because they do wear out. Weak shocks and struts are not safety hazards if don’t replace them at once but you can say goodbye to your smooth ride around your city. However, you have to eventually replace them because increased swaying of the car also increases the chance of skidding on wet or slippery roads.

While shocks are relatively easy to replace, struts are not. Struts require some disassembly in the suspension. After struts replacement, the wheels must be realigned.

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