Albuquerque Tune-Ups

A car tune-up is one of the most basic and most necessary maintenance services that you can provide for your automobile. Tune-ups are all about keeping your car running as long as possible without having major repair problems, so bring your car in today for a tune-up in Albuquerque.

Most manufacturers recommend a tune-up of your car every two years or approximately every 30,000 miles, so bring your car in for regular scheduled maintenance in Albuquerque!

Most Automobile Tune-Ups will include (varies per make of car):

  • method_Adjustable_wrench_-_icon_styleReplace Plugs and Wires
  • Replace the distributor cap and rotor
  • Inspect the spark plug wires and replace if needed.
  • Adjust idle speed and air to fuel ratio
  • Replace air filter
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Replace any belts that are worn
  • Replace the PCV valve and inspect the Emissions System
  • Possible cleaning of the fuel injection system
  • Oil and Filter change, top off all other fluids
  • Additionally, we visually inspect your entire vehicle during the tune-up such as the brakes, tires, belts etc…

Having your car tuned up is one way you can make sure your car lasts a long time. Tune-ups are known to extend the life of your car. The parts will last a long time if they are cleaned and maintained regularly. These days, it only makes sense to keep your car in good condition, so bring your car in today for a tune-up in Albuquerque. We will inspect your car, fixing and replacing any parts as necessary, so give us a call or bring your car in today!