Albuquerque Transmission Repair

Your car transmission is actually a gear box that can change gears while the car or truck is moving. This is what is referred to as automatic transmission. Over time these gears wear down and you end up needed to rebuild or replace your car transmission. If you need transmission repair in Albuquerque, give us a call today!

Remember, oil changes are not the only lubrication in your automobile that needs to be changed at regular intervals. Transmission fluid is a lubricant that should be changed out at regular intervals depending upon your car make and model. Just like oil, transmission fluid breaks down over time and can get debris in it. When the fluid breaks down the gears in your car transmission will begin to wear at a faster rate due to increased friction from decreased lubrication and debris. If you need a transmission service shop in Albuquerque, we are the people to call!

We provide an automatic transmission flush service that flushes out your old transmission fluid and replaces it with new transmission fluid. Many people put off flushing and filling the transmission fluid but this can cost you much more later on down the road if you end up having to replace, rebuild or repair your car or truck’s transmission. So, take care of your car’s transmission, but if its broken, bring it in today for transmission repair in Albuquerque!