Timing Belt /Chain Replacement and Repair Service in Albuquerque

Timing chains (cam belts) were first widely used until the 70’s and 80’s when timing belts became popular. Timing chains are still more durable compared to belts, but there were a number of drawbacks that made car designers search for an alternative that was also durable but lighter and cheaper than the chains.

The timing chain has the following disadvantages: it requires more skilled mechanics to handle it; requires a tensioner and quieting shoe if used in Single or Double OverHead Cam (S or DOHC) and since it’s heavier than the timing belt, it needs stronger parts to hold it in place.

One advantage of the timing belt drive is that it is typically quiet compared to the chain drive. The belt also does not require lubrication. Since it is lighter than the chain, it requires only light support structures. A timing belt does not need a quieting shoe it allows SOHC/DOHC engines to operate at higher RPMs. On the negative side, timing belts are less durable than timing chains and they have to be inspected and replaced after less mileage. The actual mileage is based on the car manufacturer’s recommendation.

Until now timing chains are still used on vehicles that require its durability.

Whether your car has timing belt or timing chain you need to have them checked to make sure they don’t leave you stranded or paying for expensive engine repair. If you need Car Repair Albuquerque, go to Nob Hill Complete Auto & A/C Service at 4505 Lomas Blvd NE in Albuquerque New Mexico for your Albuquerque Timing Belt / Chain Replacement / Repair Service.