Albuquerque Throttle Body Cleaning & Service

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We work on just about any type of car service issue that you may have including throttle issues. We can diagnose and repair your throttle cable, throttle body or other car throttle related repair that you may need. At Albuquerque Auto Repair Shop, our mechanics are experts on almost every make and model of car and truck, and nearly every year of vehicle on the road. If you’re having throttle issues, bring your vehicle in to us and we can help!

Needless to say your car’s throttle system and related components are important to your automobile’s performance and safety. The throttle is a device that regulates the flow of gas to your vehicle’s engine. Our mechanics at Albuquerque Auto Repair Shop have seen just about every type of car issue there is. It isn’t uncommon to have throttle repair service issues or even a broken throttle cable.

If the throttle on your car or truck starts going bad, the engine won’t get the right fuel-air mix it needs to run properly. You’ll notice lagging, stalls, and other performance issues. Your car or truck might even die and refuse to start again, leaving you stranded. Don’t let this happen to you! Bring your car in today for throttle body repair & replacement in Albuquerque!

Need help fixing or diagnosing a car throttle problem? We provide the best throttle repair service and replacement of any Auto Shop you can find. We provide free estimates, diagnostics and have the best mechanics of any place in Albuquerque. Broken parts, funny sounds, leaking fluid, no problem! Give us a Call!

If you are having problems with your vehicle’s throttle system then stop by today for the best throttle body cleaning and service in Albuquerque!