Summer Gas Mileage Tips

Is Your Vehicle Ready For Summer?

With the summer in full swing here in New Mexico, temperatures aren’t getting any cooler. There are tons of ways for you and your family to beat the heat, from trips to the pool or quiet days in the A/C, but what about your car? Changes in temperature can negatively affect your gas mileage, but with our tips, you give your vehicle the boost it needs to get the most out of the gas you put in it!

Fill Up The Tank!

Hotter temperatures can cause your fuel to evaporate over time. The best way to avoid this during the summer is to keep your tank more than half full. The less room you leave in your tank, the better.

Remember: Heat Rises

In elementary school, we learn that heat rises. Use that knowledge to your advantage and leave your windows cracked open when you park your car. This allows some heat to escape your vehicle while you’re away from it. When you get back in, lower your windows completely and let more heat escape before you turn on your A/C. This method allows your A/C to cool your vehicle more efficiently, with less effort.

Lowered Windows, Lower Gas Mileage

While lowered windows are helpful for letting heat escape, and pleasant on roads where you will be driving less than 40 MPH, roll those windows up when you’re on the highway. Open windows cause drag, which means your vehicle needs to work harder to keep up to speed. Keeping the windows up will create less resistance for your vehicle, leading to better fuel economy.

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