Summer Car Care

Summer has only just begun and the temperatures are almost on the verge of triple digits. What does this mean for your car? The heat can put excess stress on your car and can be more prone to problems. Here’s some things you might want to check:

Check your Coolant Levels

Your coolant is one of the most important things in your vehicle during the summer. Coolant keeps your vehicle from overheating, which can cause engine damage. Check your coolant levels. If they are low, add more coolant to your vehicle as soon as possible. Check your owner’s manual for more details.

Change your Oil and Filters

A lot of traveling goes on during the summer. Putting more miles on your car means that you’ll need more frequent oil changes in order to keep your engine running smoothly. The oil in your car should be changed about every 5,000 miles. Before going on long road trips, it’s a good idea to check the level of oil in your engine.

Check your Tire Pressure

Your tire pressure is sensitive to temperature changes. It’s best to check your tire pressure about once per month. Tires that are over or under inflated are prone to blowouts, flats, and excess wear. Don’t forget to check your spare tire if you have one. In the event you do get a flat tire, you want your spare to be in good, working order.

If you need help preparing your car for the summer, call No Worries Auto Repair for a summer tuneup in Albuquerque.