Signs of Transmission Trouble

One of the most important components of your vehicle is the transmission. This is the bell shaped-part underneath your vehicle that changes gears, making your car run smoothly and correctly. When your transmission goes out, multiple problems could surface including loss of certain gears, slipping, and loss of power. In order to keep your transmission working properly, it should be flushed and serviced according to your owner’s manual schedule. Watch for these signs to alert you that you could need transmission repair.


Your transmission controls how fast and in what direction your car goes. When it’s malfunctioning, call the experts at No Worries Auto Repair to fix it fast.

Delays in Shifting

A key sign that you may have a problem with your transmission is a jerk or hesitation when moving from gear to gear. Most often, these hesitations can be felt when going from park to first or from park to reverse. However, they can be felt in any gear, so if you have noticed hesitation between your vehicle’s gear changes, you could have a transmission malfunction.

Burning Smell or Leaking Fluid

As with most of your vehicle’s parts, your transmission uses fluid to lubricate and clean its parts, keeping it working longer. If your transmission is leaking or burning fluid, your system could be in danger of failing. A transmission leak could be a minor seal issue, or it could be a sign of a much bigger problem and should be examined soon.

Won’t Go Into Gear

If you have a manual transmission, you may have noticed that your clutch has trouble sliding into gear. This is usually caused by some sort of mechanical wear down and should be taken to your mechanic immediately to prevent further damage.

When your transmission stops working, your car does, too. Keep your transmission healthy and running at its optimum level with transmission repair and vehicle service and maintenance by the experts at No Worries Auto Repair. We will keep your vehicle in tip top shape for your family’s safety.