Signs Of Suspension Damage

Everyone knows that your suspension keeps your car ride from getting too rough; it also plays an important role in braking and turning. There are signs you can watch out for to determine if your suspension needs to be checked or repaired. Here’s a quick list:






Bouncy Ride:

Most people know to look out for this problem; if even small bumps cause your car to bounce and jiggle on the road, it’s time to take it in.

Dipping Front End During Stops:

Most vehicles tend to dip their nose during stops (especially rapid ones) when their suspension gets damaged. This is potentially very dangerous; stop time can increase by 20% with a faulty suspension.

Pulling During Turns:

When your suspension stops working properly, it can cause your car to pull during tight turns; suspension helps keep your car stable from centrifugal force.┬áDon’t let a damaged suspension system magnify your chances of rolling your vehicle.

Oily Discharge From Shocks:

If an oily, leaky discharge is building up on your shocks, that’s a solid indicator of damage to your suspension. Don’t let the problem exacerbate itself.

It Doesn’t Pass The Bounce Test:

A simple trial can determine whether your suspension has been damaged; park your car, stand by the front, and put all your weight on top, bouncing the car a few times. Then, do this again on the back of the vehicle. 2-3 extra bounces after you release the vehicle indicate damage to the suspension.


Don’t let problems compound over time; take your car in if you suspect suspension trouble. Here at No Worries Auto Repair, we offer suspension repair alongside a host of other auto-related services. For more information, give us a call at (505) 255-0602.