Signs that You Need New Shocks or Struts

Many drivers forget to replace their shocks or struts at the recommended time, especially if they do not stick to a regular maintenance schedule. However, your shocks not only make your drive more comfortable, they also help keep you safe. Watch for these common signs that you need new shocks or struts.

Rough Ride

New Shocks

New Shocks Improve Handling and Vehicle Safety

Perhaps one of the most common signs that you need new shocks is a rough, bouncing ride. If you feel like you’re on a roller coaster instead of driving down your street, try a bounce test or take your car in for an inspection. Ignoring your shocks won’t just give you a headache, it can also result in damage to other parts of your vehicle like your tires and brakes.

Nose Dives

Does the front nose of your car dip or dive downward when you brake firmly? This problem indicates worn shocks or struts. This is a potentially dangerous problem, because worn shocks and struts can make it more difficult to stop suddenly. Whether you drive in frequent traffic or in rural areas, this is a critical issue.

Uneven Tire Wear

Ignoring worn shocks can lead to costly damage to your tires. It’s never a good thing when your tires wear unevenly, but the pattern of wear can help you know what the problem is. You might see cupped or scalloped wear on your tires, with random smooth spots and indentations. This happens when your tire bounces on the road and the motion is not absorbed by your worn out shocks.

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