Signs You Need Brake Repair

Driving with bad brakes is an accident waiting to happen, literally. Keep an eye—and ear—out for these signs you need to bring your car in for a brake service.


brake repairIf your pedal or car vibrates when you brake, you might have warped rotors. This requires a professional auto technician to go in and smooth out the metal, which can be expensive. If you’re in the habit of waiting until your brake pads are totally worn to replace them, this could be why you have warped rotors.


A high pitched screech when you brake is most likely an indication that you need to replace your brake pads. Similar to the tire wear indicators on your tires, your brakes have a metal shim that alerts you when your brakes pads are worn. This sound also occurs for many people after your vehicle has been sitting in rain or moisture for a while. If it’s moisture, the sound will stop after a bit, but if it keeps up you should visit a brake repair shop.

Sinking or “Soft” Pedal

Have you noticed reduced responsiveness from your brakes? Does the pedal sink to the floor? This is most often a sign of a leak in your brake system and is a serious problem. Check for a brake fluid leak under your car and see a mechanic as soon as possible.


Your car should always accelerate and brake in the direction your point your wheels. If your car pulls when driving, your wheels are probably out of alignment. However, if your car pulls to the side when you brake, your brakes may be wearing unevenly. You might also have contaminated brake fluid, requiring a flush and new fluid.

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