Signs of a Bad Alternator

When you start experiencing electrical problems with your car, there’s a good chance it could be related to your alternator. You might even be surprised at how the various parts of your car’s electrical system affect your vehicle. Keep an eye out for these common signs of a bad alternator.

Needing a Jump

Signs of a Bad Alternator

Don’t Get Stranded with a Dead Car; Check your Alternator!

The most common cause of needing a jump start is a dead battery. However, a car that will not start can also be caused by a bad alternator. If you need to jump your car often, it could be a sign of a failing alternator. Get in to a mechanic soon to determine the problem before you get stranded somewhere!

Dead Battery

Your alternator works to keep your battery charges, and leaves you with a dead battery when it fails. Most people assume that the issue is a dead battery, but it’s important to check your alternator and starter as well. Getting a new battery will be a waste if your alternator is bad, leaving you with another no-start situation.

Dim Lights

One of the early warning signs of a bad alternator is dim lights, especially when using other systems in your car. If you turn up the radio or A/C and your headlights dim, consider checking the alternator for an issue. This could also be a sign of another electrical issue.

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