Albuquerque Suspension Repair

At No Worries Complete Auto & A/C Service LLC of Albuquerque; shocks, struts and suspension repairs are a daily event. When your suspension is functioning properly, tire wear, and related chassis components last much longer. Suspension is often a safety item we inspect whenever we are performing a service on a vehicle, so bring your car in today and we will be able to determine whether you need suspension repair in Albuquerque.

When your vehicle’s suspension is out of tune, stopping distance is increased, and overall control of the vehicle is lacking. Tire wear is inevitable if the suspension is in need of repair on your vehicle. Below is listed several suspension components, and the problems caused when they are out of specifications.

  • Shocks or Struts – These are designed to keep the tire from bouncing after it impacts a bump in the road. When they are worn out, the tire will continue to bounce several times after impacting a pot hole or other obstacle. These give the truck or car a “bouncy” feeling when going over a speed bump, when they are worn. Often times they leak oil out of the seals also.
  • Ball Joints – If these are worn out, it is highly recommended to immediately replace! When a ball joint fails, it can completely separate. If separation occurs on this part, the tire and wheel will fall out from under the vehicle leaving you without any control! These are considered a safety item.
  • Tie Rod – Tie rods are connected to the steering mechanisms of your auto. When these wear they give you play in the steering wheel, and looseness overall when turning or encountering rough roads. These can interfere with the overall alignment of the vehicle.
  • Springs – Springs are responsible for holding the vehicle up off of the frame. They are the part of the vehicle that sags when weighed down with a heavy load. When springs wear out, the vehicle will generally sag lower than normal, and when under a load, the vehicle may bottom out.
  • Alignment – Alignment is mentioned here again because with a routine alignment, we can keep the tires from prematurely wearing out, and keep the overall health of the suspension within specs. Alignments are often the service which reveals certain suspension components out of specification, such as tie rods, ball joints, or springs.

Suspension repair in Albuquerque is a breeze with No Worries Complete Auto & A/C Service LLC. Give us a call today for shock & strut replacement service in Albuquerque.