Problem Signs for Head Gaskets

Head gaskets are a major part of a vehicle’s engine. They play a vital role in the function of your vehicle’s engine. The head gasket is a seal in your engine that is placed between the engine block and the piston cylinder head. It’s vital for the combustion process of the engine. The head gasket seals the process and prevents coolant and engine oil from mixing together in the combustion chamber.

Check Your Vehicle for These Problem Signs for Head Gaskets

  • Low or leaking coolant levels
  • Overheating
  • High reading temperatures on the temperature gauge
  • Frothy and dirty oil
  • White smoke and water droplets coming from the exhaust

A blown or malfunctioning head gasket can cause significant problems with the performance of your vehicle’s engine. It can lower the power of the engine and cause it to malfunction. Engine problems are one of the most costly car problems to fix.

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