Preparing Your Car For Winter

Preparing Your Car For Winter

Is Your Car Ready For Winter?

Winter is on its way, and while it is known to be pretty hot here in New Mexico, we aren’t exactly strangers to the cold! After you’ve finished moving your sweaters and flannel sheets out of storage, it might be time to prepare your car for winter too! Today we will discuss a few effective ways you can make sure your car is ready for colder weather.

Adjust Your Tire Pressure & Consider Snow Preparations

When the temperature drops, it can have an effect on the air pressure within your tires. You may need to fill up your tires a bit, as cold air takes up less space than warm air. Remember to follow the recommendation on the inside of your vehicle’s door, rather than the limit listed on the side of your tires. If you’re expecting snow, find out if chains are an approved option in your county, or replace your tires if they may not have enough tread.

Do A Service Check On Your Heater And Defroster

The last thing you want to do is get in your car on a cold morning only to find that your heater is out, and you’re going to have to scrape the ice off your back windshield by hand! As the weather gets cooler, make an effort to have your systems checked before it gets too cold!

Check Your Fluids

Finally, and perhaps while yo’re getting your systems checked, be sure to assess your vehicles fluids. Making sure everything is properly filled and updated can help you avoid complications this winter.



Hopefully these tips can get you started on your winter maintenance requirements! To learn more, or to schedule any needed vehicle services, call us at  (505)-255-0602!