Albuquerque Pinion Seal Replacement

You car contains a wide variety of different seals, hoses, and gaskets. They’re made from highly durable rubber and polymer materials so they’re able to withstand the constant exposure to the elements and handle the wear and tear of everyday driving. However, over time, it’s almost an inevitability that at some point, one of those seals or gaskets is going to develop a leak. The Pinion Seal is located right where the axle meets the differential, either in the front or rear of the car. The Pinion Seal ensures that the differential maintains all the necessary oil and lubrication so that it runs smoothly and without any excess stress that may lead to the part becoming damaged. If you’re looking for a replacement Pinion Seal in Albuquerque, come by No Worries Complete Auto & A/C Service LLC for expert repairs.

Repair a Leaking Pinion Seal

The differential is basically just a box full of metal gears and other components, and they all need to be able to move smoothly with as little friction as possible. If that oil is leaking out due to a bad pinion seal, the differential is going to have a higher chance of going out. Ignore a leak for long enough, and the differential might run dry and seize up, and then you’re talking about major repairs.

The first thing you’ll notice with a bad pinion seal is the tell-tale oil stain on the pavement. You might be able to diagnose it if you have some idea of where the differential is on your make and model. Unfortunately, a pinion seal can tend to be a bit more messy than other leaks. As oil leaks, it will spill right on to the axle, and as you’re driving, the axle is going to be spinning at very high speeds. This causes the fluids to be thrown all over the underside of your car. It can also get in to you brakes and brake pads, and this can cause even more problems.

If you’re having an issue with a leaking seal, bring your car or truck in to our shop in Albuquerque for a pinion seal replacement. We’ll diagnose and repair any leaks to make sure that your car is running smoothly. Call or stop by our shop, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions!