PCV Valve Service and Repair Albuquerque, NM

PCV Valve Service – Albuquerque area

If you need PCV valve replacement in Albuquerque, give us a call soon! The positive crankcase ventilation valve or PCV valve allows for gases to escape in a controlled manner into the engines intake stream. The valve was originally designed during World War II to allow tanks to more easily ford rivers and streams. Only later was it realized that the valve could be useful in controlling vehicle exhaust.

The PC Valve was an improvement over the road draft tube, and soon the PCV valve saw widespread adoption because of its emissions reduction capabilities. The PCV valve routes the unburned hydrocarbons back into the engine block, burning them before they are released as exhaust. If your PCV valve has failed and you need PCV valve repair and service in Albuquerque, give us a call!

You need your car’s air filtering system to filter particles from the air but also to provide for the correct mixture of air to fuel. The PCV valve helps keep this balance, while reducing the overall amount of hydrocarbons released into the air. If you have a malfunctioning PCV valve, you will most likely experience a poor air-to-fuel mixture in your engine.

If this happens, bring your car in to No Worries Complete Auto & A/C Service LLC as soon as possible for PCV valve replacement in Albuquerque. You can count on us to replace the valve in no time at all, getting your car back on the road fast. If you have a failing PCV valve, it will be hard to pass an inspection because your exhaust will be full of unburned fuels, so don’t waste any more time!