Oil Change Albuquerque

This isn’t your simple oil change in Albuquerque at No Worries Complete Auto & A/C Service LLC. Getting your oil change done by your trusted mechanic shop is the best way to get a quick check over of your vehicle at no extra charge!!

We use a semi-synthetic blended oil and a new oil filter every time! Our guys are always on their toes to catch a problem before it goes too far! We top off all your fluids, and inspect the entire vehicle!The quick lube places have proven to be over-priced, and not able to fix a problem if they find it! We are priced very reasonably on our oil changes in an effort to introduce ourselves to you, and show you how eager we are to gain your business and your trust! Below is listed all the perks you get with an oil change in Albuquerque with No Worries Complete Auto and A/C Service LLC.

  • 10260980_sSemi-Synthetic Oil (Fully Synthetic Oil available at a very reasonable price also)
  • New Oil Filter (This is necessary with every Oil Change)
  • Top Off all Fluids
  • Lube the chassis and any grease-able fittings underneath your vehicle!
  • Inspect your entire vehicle for any other problems and bring them to your attention.
  • Check your manufacturer recommended services and make sure they’ve been done. If they have not been performed we can take care of you! (Flushes, Timing Belts, Filters of all kinds, and other services)
  • Courteously place a reminder on your windshield reminding you of your next oil change!
  • You will be placed into our system to receive our coupons, and service emails! (you can opt out)
  • Your Service Records will be saved with us for your convenience!
For express oil change service in Albuquerque, bring your car in today!