Maxing Out Your Miles Per Gallon

cars on freewayIncrease the time between your trips to the pump simply by driving safer and practicing quick car maintenance. Here we have detailed a few tips to help your car perform more efficiently and take your farther.

Following the posted speed limit is critical for safety on the road as well as for car performance. Many vehicles achieve maximum fuel efficiency between 45 and 60 mph, so driving in this sweet spot on highways and freeways will improve your mileage. City driving is the trickiest area for fuel efficiency, but driving the posted speed or slightly below is important to safely traverse road conditions. City mpg and highway mpg can both be improved by driving calmly – avoid rapid acceleration and frequent, sudden braking. Both reduce fuel efficiency and are a danger to you and other drivers.

Checking your tire pressure monthly is an additional avenue to tap into fuel efficiency. Over or under-inflated tires cause your car to work harder, reducing gas mileage and wearing out your tires quicker. Inflate your tires only to the recommended pressure and check the pressure monthly to work toward your car’s ideal mileage.

Total Car Service

To closely monitor and maintain your car’s efficiency, call 505-255-0602 for expert all-around auto service. There is no substitute to the benefits of routine tune ups and inspections – work with Albuquerque’s best to tap into the full benefits of regular auto maintenance.