Maintaining Your Tires for Road Safety

Row of TiresAre your tires in good shape? It is important to keep your tires maintained so you can stay safe on the road. Making sure they are inflated and the tread wear is even can actually improve your vehicle’s performance. Here are a few reasons you should make maintaining your tires a top priority:

Maintaining the correct tire pressure and having your tires rotated occasionally will lessen the need for tire replacements. Anytime you take your tires in for a rotation, have them checked for correct balance and alignment. Rotating the tires will even out the treads and improve your vehicle’s performance.

Every vehicle has a recommended tire pressure to maintain. Keeping the pressure level through all four tires can actually save you money on fuel. Tires with low pressure will cause the vehicle to loss performance and use more fuel just to get you down the road.

Low pressure in tires increases the risk of losing control of your vehicle or blowing out a tire. Keeping the PSI levels maintained in your tires is a simple process which helps keep you safer on the road.

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