The Lazy Man’s Guide to a Clean Car

There’s no shame in being lazy sometimes. Cleaning your car takes time and effort that could be better spent elsewhere. Work smart, not hard. Here’s a few easy tips to keep your car clean with minimal effort:






Eat outside your car:

You may save time by eating in your car, but you lose it later when you have to clean up the mess. Not only will you avoid cleaning later, but this is a great excuse to sit back and enjoy your lunch at a more relaxing location.

Wax every once in a while:

This requires some effort. Still, a good wax job will eliminate the need for frequent washes later on. This is a great way to keep your car looking fresh.

Knock dirt off your shoes before entering:

Make a habit of this; it will keep dirt from building up on your floors. Make sure everyone else who gets in your car does it too, and you can reduce the need for vacuuming drastically.

Keep a trash bag in your car:

Don’t let trash and messes accrue in your car overtime; this means more work cleaning. Keep a trash bag to dispose of waste until full; now you only have one quick trip to the dumpster. Keep on top of messes to reduce cleaning time.

Keep car in garage:

This will reduce the amount of dirt that builds up on your car’s exterior. You won’t need to wash it as much. Also, let’s face it; there’s some terrible dent-and-runners out there that can be avoided by keeping your car locked up.

Set up a washing routine:

Because you’ve waxed, you won’t have to wash as often. This can be done easily by scheduling some time to take your car to a car wash. If you want to save a few bucks, develop a routine for doing it yourself to save as much time as possible.


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