Albuquerque Ignition Coil Replacement

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When your car’s or truck’s Ignition Coil isn’t working, it’s not hard to tell. And it won’t be hard for the mechanics at our shop in Albuquerque to service or repair a faulty ignition coil and get your vehicle running the way it should!

Your Car’s ignition coil is an induction coil in the ignition system which transforms the battery’s relatively lower voltage to the thousands of volts (20 plus) needed to send controlled sparks the spark plugs. Needless to say, without your Ignition Coil working properly, you may not be able to start your car.

Even if the ignition coil can send the sparks to start the car, if it is not functioning properly, it might not continuously send those sparks in series as it is supposed to, causing pistons to misfire. When a piston does not fire in time, or not at all, your engine runs rough or might stall completely, and your gas mileage suffers. That’s gas wasted and money taken out of your pocket to say the least.

The good news is, the expert mechanics at Albuquerque Auto Repair Shop can perform a fast diagnostic that will pinpoint an ignition coil problem and exactly how much trouble it is causing in other parts of your vehicle’s engine. No matter what make or model your car or truck is, our mechanics work on vehicles from almost every year.

If you suspect your ignition coil is starting to fail, don’t delay – call and see how quickly we can get your vehicle serviced and how much you will save over dealership prices. Call us today for ignition coil replacement in Albuquerque!