How to Check your Tire Pressure

An important aspect of your car that should be checked regularly is tire pressure. The level of air in your tires should be checked about once a month or anytime the indication light for tire pressure comes on (if your car has that feature). Improperly inflated tires can be damaging. Under inflation can cause excessive wear on the tire’s shoulders and under inflation can cause excessive wear on the tire’s center tread.

The first thing you need to check the air pressure of your tires is a pressure gauge. These can be found at almost any store or gas station at a relatively cheap price. Just be sure to make sure the gauge works properly in order to avoid overinflating your tires.

Before you start checking the tire pressure, you’ll want to know how much air is needed in your tires. To find this out, open your driver’s side door and check the doorjamb for a sticker that indicates the correct PSI for the front and back tires.

Once your established the correct PSI to check for, it’s time to check the tires. Simply unscrew the caps from the valves and firmly press the gauge nozzle against the valve until no air is coming out. Check the reading and put the cap back on or inflate the tires as needed.