Get the Best Gas Mileage This Summer

a mercedes sedanWe’ve all heard the usual tips for getting the best gas mileage from your vehicle: Make sure all fluids are filled, tires are inflated, and that you’re not rushing too fast when you drive somewhere. But did you know that little things like rolling down (or rolling up) your windows can make a difference in fuel efficiency? Here are some tips for getting the best gas mileage this summer.

Roll Down Those Windows

When your car is parked, leave the windows rolled down a bit. Then, when you return and start up your vehicle, roll them down all the way to let the heat escape. Drive for a mile or so with them down, then close them and turn on the air conditioning. This will keep your A/C from working too hard to cool off your car.

Minimize Vehicle Drag

Wind resistance causes drag, which in turn causes your vehicle to have to work harder to keep moving forward. While warm air is less resistant than cold air, you can still cause significant drag if you drive down the highway with your windows down. Highway driving is a good time to roll up your windows and turn on some light A/C.

Don’t Bother With A/C

If you’re in a mild climate where it gets warm, but not hot, in the summer months, you might not even need your air conditioner at all. Just leave your windows down when you’re driving on side streets and enjoy that gentle, summer breeze!

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