Future Car Tech – 50 Things To Look Forward To

A few days ago, Car and Driver released a list of 50 of of the latest advancements in automotive technologies that you should be keeping an eye on to start popping up in the not-to-distant future.

Among the notable technologies are the expected self-driving car and ulta-fuel-efficient concepts, but mixed in are some interesting additional layers.

Car connectivity could lead to a future where cars will no longer crash with each other. Self driving cars using the same network would shift the way we design and use cars. 3D printing looks to have an effect on the way we manufacture auto components.

Already, we’re beginning to see the revolution of cars integrated with bluetooth can do by just communicating with our cell phones. Imagine a car with its own wifi network that enables it to connect directly to the cloud.

All these things and more are discussed in the C&D article, so head over there and check out the rest of the list while you ponder what to do with your extra 20-30 minutes each morning when your robot car drives you to work while you lounge in the backseat.