Albuquerque Fuel Pump Replacement

When your car’s or truck’s fuel pump isn’t working, you’ll know.

Many vehicles once had gravity feed gas but today’s automobiles have a fuel pump (usually located in the gas tank). The fuel pump pumps gasoline from the fuel tank into the carburetor or fuel injection system of your car’s engine. If you think you need fuel pump replacement in Albuquerque, then give us a call fast! You need a working fuel pump to keep your engine working, so don’t hesitate!

If you have a faulty fuel pump you will most likely know about it. A failing fuel pump means that your car is unlikely to run – at all. Fuel pumps are responsible fro transferring fuel from the fuel tank into the engine, and without a working fuel pump, fuel simply won’t get into the engine. If your car has stopped and you are stranded on the side of he road, the problem could be your fuel pump, so give us a call today for fuel pump replacement in Albuquerque!

The kind of fuel pump you have depends on the design of your engine. If your car runs on a carburetor, you are more likely to have a low pressure fuel pump. If your car runs on a fuel injection system, you are likely to have a high pressure fuel pump which allows the spraying of fuel into the cylinders.

No matter what kind of fuel pump you need, we can install it your you. Give us a call today for fuel pump service and repair in Albuquerque!