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A Fluid Leak is one of the easiest problems to spot with your car or truck. However, Fluid Leaks can be an indication of much worse problems with your car. If you are in need of fluid leak repair in Albuquerque then be sure to bring your car to our Auto Repair Shop.

Certainly you’ve seen it with your vehicle or some one else’s: the puddles underneath the engine or transmission. But the car or truck seems to run okay, so it must not be a big deal, right? Wrong!

Fluid leaks are always a sign of trouble. If an engine is leaking fluids, the problem might be small for now, but it will get bigger, and big problems in cars and trucks are always expensive. The smart thing to do is bring your car or truck in to our fluid service shop in Albuquerque if you notice that you are leaking fluids anywhere on your vehicle.

We have ASE certified mechanics on duty that can quickly diagnose your Fluid Leak source. Additionally our basic diagnostics and quote for repair services are free of charge. Remember our Auto Shop is uniquely owned and operated so be sure to come to us.

It could be a minor issue, like a cap or filter improperly replaced after a fluid change the last time your vehicle was serviced. Or it could be a sign of something serious developing, like the head gasket deteriorating – which could lead to the entire engine needing an overhaul if not replaced in time. A quick check by one of our experienced mechanics will let you know right away what you need to do – and it’s better to know! Call us today for fluid leak repair in Albuquerque!