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Fuel filters are vital to your vehicle’s operations. They are usually a canister that typically contains some sort of paper filter. Fuel filters filter out dirt and particles from fuel before those particles have a change to enter your car engine and cause damage. Gas is typically pumped from a pump located in the fuel tank to the engine. But, before that gas gets to the engine it is filtered by the fuel pump.

Fuel filters break down over time and can actually cause your car or truck to stop running and even cause engine damage. Or, the fuel filter will simply get clogged with debris and eventually prevent the flow of gas to the engine.

In either case, you should change out your fuel filter by your manufacturer recommendations to ensure proper performance. (Usually around 40,000 miles but could be more or less depending on the type of your car or truck.) No matter the make or model of your car or truck, our mechanics at our auto shop in Albuquerque can do fuel filter replacement and get you back on the road fast!

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