Albuquerque EGR Valve Replacement & Repairs

Those looking for a solution to their evaporative emissions problems should give us a call at No Worries Complete Auto & A/C Service LLC for expert EGR Valve replacement in Albuquerque.

What is an EGR Valve?

The evaporative emissions system was implemented in cars to prevent gasoline fumes from escaping in to the air and increasing pollution as more and more cars hit the road. The EGR Valve (exhaust gas recirculation) helps capture those gasses and, as the name suggests, it recirculates them back through the combustion chamber where they can be properly burned and filtered. The process cuts down on nitrogen oxides produces by cars by a considerable amount.

On top of cutting down on emissions, there are additional benefits to the EGR Valve and the recirculation process. It makes for a cooler combustion of fuel and more completely uses the gasoline. By reducing evaporative waste, your car runs more efficiently and you gas lasts longer. For exhaust gas recirculation valve repair in Albuquerque, call us today!

When is it Necessary to get an EGR Valve Replacement?

If the valve becomes stuck, won’t open, or otherwise malfunctions, then your car won’t be able to prevent the formation of unwanted emissions gasses. This can lead to things like a rough idle and uneven, jump acceleration. Often times, since the EGR Valve is part of the emissions system, it will trigger a check engine light, or some other sort of dash light warning, when a problem is detected.

If you suspect your EGR valve needs replacement in Albuquerque, call or simply stop by our shop to talk with one of our professional mechanics about the problem, and we’ll be sure to get to the bottom of it and fix any issues you’re having!