Don’t Drive Sleep Deprived: An Overview Of The Danger

car wreck with treeOnly after the 1970s did it become completely unacceptable in society to drive after drinking; it just took us that long to understand alcohol’s effects on those behind the wheel. Unfortunately, nowadays we face other dangers on the road as well, and they can reap just as much havoc. Though harder to study, experts have found that sleep deprivation causes as much impairment as moderate alcohol consumption, if not more.

The Dangers Of Tired Driving:

Reaction time plays an indispensable role in the safe driving of your vehicle. Once it gets long enough, the probability of a crash goes up exponentially. Like alcohol, sleep deprivation slows down reaction time and decreases focus. 

National Sleep Foundation Statistics:

  • The NSF started a poll in 2005 that asked drivers about how they drove when sleep deprived. 2/3 of these drivers admitted to driving sleep deprived. 1/3, surprisingly, admitted to momentarily falling asleep while driving once or more in their lifetime.
  • Unlike with driving under the influence of alcohol, no test exists to determine the amount of sleep deprivation someone has while driving.

Keep all this in mind the next time you decide to drive without getting sufficient sleep. Here at No Worries Auto Repair, we want those in our community to stay safe. If you worry about your car’s ability to do so, take it by our shop. We’ll happily fix it for you. You can reach us at (505) 255-0602.