Common Cooling System Problems in Cars or Trucks

Your car’s internal combustion engine produces a lot of heat. That’s why there is a cooling system to remove heat from the engine in order to keep it at its optimal temperature range. Without the cooling system, some parts of the engine could be melted by the burning fuel. Keep the cooling system in proper working condition by preventing the following problems:

1. Water Pump Failure – It’s the pump that moves coolant from the radiator, through the engine, and back into the radiator. If the pump fails, there will be no circulating coolant.

2. Defective Radiator Cap – It’s the radiator cap that is designed to hold the pressure in the coolant system that raises the coolant’s boiling temperature.

3. Defective Thermostat – The thermostat controls the flow of coolant to the radiator depending on the coolant temperature. A defective thermostat may continue to allow coolant flow even if the temperature is low or restrict the flow even if the coolant temperature is high.

4. Leaking/Broken Hoses -The hoses carry the coolant from the radiator to the water pump and from the engine to the radiator. Leaks can reduce the volume of coolant while broken hoses prevent the coolant from circulating.

5. Defective Radiator Fan – The fan pulls cooler air over the motor especially when the vehicle is in a stop position and drives the water pump that circulates radiator fluid.

6. Coolant or Anti-freeze at low levels, has component breakdown or dirty.

7. Clogged Radiator – Dirt and other particles that clogs the radiator prevents hot coolant from flowing freely through the radiator to cool down before it goes back to engine.

It’s not easy to immediately diagnose problems in the cooling system because of the many possible causes. They need immediate attention to avoid other problems like head gasket failure. Whether your car needs Radiator Repair Replacement in Albuquerque or Albuquerque Car Thermostat Repair, go to Nob Hill Auto Repair at 4505 Lomas Blvd NE in Albuquerque New Mexico.