Color can affect the price of your used car

There are a lot of very complicated things that go in to building a car, and yet, one of the most important things to potential buyers is the thing they see first: the color. In fact, people take the color of their car so seriously, that 39% of people say that they would switch brands if the color they want isn’t available.

With people harboring such rigid feelings about the color of their car, it’s no surprise, then, that the color of your car can effect how much you can resell it for.

Kelly Blue Book, well respected when it comes to the valuation of new and used cars, did some digging, and found how much the color of your car can cost you. You may have your heart set on a flashy, bright orange coat, but you might change your mind when you hear that you might be out a couple hundred bucks come trade in time.

The safe bet, according to KBB, is to pick something subtle and neutral. White and black are obvious, but the go to color if you want to get the most value out of your used car is silver.

Believe it or not, there is some science behind this. The color silver plays in to our love of technology. Think about all those sleek, aluminum smartphones and laptops that everyone loves; well the same goes for cars.

In addition, we’re seeing a lot of car designs that feature cleans lines and sharp angles; things like that are accentuated by silver.

In the end, no one can stop you if you’re determined to get that bubblegum pink pickup truck (the heart wants what it wants), but don’t expect to get top dollar for it when your favorite color changes to yellow.

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