Cars on the Road Are Older Than Ever

Dating back go 1995 (the earliest date we have information for), the age of the average car isĀ older than ever. With cars lasting longer, the age bumped up to 11.4 years, which is up from 11.2 a year ago.

There are a couple of conclusions to be drawn from this news. First of all, it’s no secret that the sub-30 crowd aren’t buying cars like they used to. The baby boomers still buy the most new cars. It’s difficult to tell now if this is a shift in the culture, with public transit and alternative methods of transportation available, or if we’ll see more cars being bought as the economy bounces back from the recent recession.

Old Reliable

One positive note to take away is that as cars get older, it means they’re lasting longer. Better manufactured cars are staying on the road longer as people see little reason to upgrade when their current car works fine. Surpassing 100,000 miles was previously the gold standard for automotive longevity, but now that’s just expected of auto manufacturers. People don’t even bother bragging now until they get up around 200,000.

Better made cars stand a greater chance of lasting longer, but that’s only true if they’re properly maintained. Don’t expect to hit that 200,000 mile mark by skipping oil changes and forgetting about standard maintenance at 30, 60, and 100 thousand.

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