Car Heater Care: Reasons Why Heaters Fail

While we don’t exactly get super freezing temperatures here in New Mexico, we can all agree that our car’s heater are life-savers. This system is one that tends to expire without much warning, leaving you confused as to why it is not working. There are a few of the more common reasons why your car heater may stop working.

Reasons For Heater Failure

  • Low Anti-freeze Or Coolant In The System – Yes, though it does sound strange, a leak in the cooling system can lead to failure of your heater. This is because the same system that gives you heat also uses coolant to cool your engine.
  • Bad Blower Fan – Fans do tend to go bad over time. When this happens, it may be caused by a fuse or just wear.
  • A Broken Thermostat – Thermostats play an important role in how your vehicle manages heat. Your thermostat registers how hot your engine is and waits for it to reach the top heat for operating temperature. Once it does, your thermostat shoots coolant directly to the engine to cool it down. When your thermostat malfunctions, this creates a break down in communication between the different parts of your engine.

Photo of heaterAll of these require an inspection from your local auto repair shop. While they sound destructive, damage in your vehicle can be limited if taken for repair as soon as possible. No Worries Auto Repair completes full inspection and repair for vehicles in Albuquerque, NM. Call us today at for your vehicle service!