Brake Line Repair / Service in Albuquerque

The brake lines are the pipes and hoses in your vehicle where brake fluid passes. Since the braking fluid is critical for effective and safe braking function, the brake lines should always be in good condition. Brake lines should be regularly checked for the following potential damages:
1. Physical damage which is commonly chafing (scraping) of the flexible rubber part of the line between the wheel cylinder and the metal chassis lines.
2. Dry-Rotting if the brake line is made of vulcanized rubber very similar to a tire’s. Over time, the rubber will be less elastic. Small cracks will form where braking fluid will eventually leak.
3. Rust – even some brake lines made of aluminized or galvanized metal, will eventually rust.
4. Artificial corrosion caused by acid from batteries which may leak to the brake lines, penetrate through their protective coatings.
If you are having any brake line problems in Albuquerque, bring your car or truck into our Nob Hill Complete Auto Repair Albuquerque shop today. Nob Hill Complete Auto Shop at 4505 Lomas Blvd NE in Albuquerque New Mexico provides Free Brake Inspection on most cars and trucks. If the inspection shows that you don’t need Albuquerque brake repair, you can trust that they won’t try to sell you one!