Axle / Drive Shaft / U-joints Service and Repair Albuquerque

A car’s axle is a shaft that transmits power (torque) to the wheels as well as stabilizing them. In Albuquerque we repair axles, drive shafts, U-joints, and CV-joints.

Axles – can be hub axles, stub axles or spindles. Car Axles provide stability, carry load, transmit torque and allow the wheel to spin around the axle.

Mechanic performing inspectionDrive Shaft – The job of the drive shaft is to transmit torque as well but the drive shaft is connected from the engine to the differential. Come by the best auto repair shop in Albuquerque today for a free diagnostic and a free estimate.

CV Joints allow the drive shaft to transmit power through an angle and at a constant speed.

U-Joints are a type of coupling whose function is to transmit the drive from the transmission through an angle.

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