The future of auto-repair careers

Photo of engine repairGiven the fact that technology has dramatically changed the way vehicles operate, it’s easy to be unsure about the career potential in the industry. A reader on recently raised the question to John Paul, the AAA CarFacts Car Doctor who has a column and radio program in the Boston area.

The reader has a son in middle school who enjoys computers, as well as taking things apart and putting ┬áthem back together. “With the complexity of cars today, is there a future in auto repair?”

Paul believes there certainly is. “Recently,” he writes, “Ford Motor Company stated they need an additional 5,500 technicians in the near future. In fact, in my opinion, as cars get more complicated, talented technicians will become more valuable and better paid.”

How well paid? Paul believes their salaries will exceed six figures, without the need to go to a four-year college. In addition, he notes that these jobs “can’t ship overseas,” so the potential for growth is always present.