Are You Having Trouble With Your Alternator?

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Do You Know How To Spot Issues With Your Alternator?

How much do you know about your car? While many drivers know the basics such as a dead battery or faulty breaks, it can be hard to diagnose other problems early on. Today we will talk about your vehicle’s alternator, and signs of damage you should watch out for. Remember, noticing the signs early on can help you avoid costly repairs down the road.

Weak Lights

Did you know that the alternator actually plays a part in the the electrical workings of your car? This includes your radio, air conditioner, and your lights inside the vehicle. So if, for example, your lights dimmed when you switched on the A/C, this can be an indication of a struggling alternator. Electrical issues of any kind are best addressed early, so be sure to visit the shop as soon as symptoms show up.

Trouble Starting The Car

There are a few different reasons your car might not start, including a dead battery. However, if you notice your car is having weak starts, or not starting at all with a new or functional battery, you may have a bad alternator instead. Getting to a mechanic ASAP can keep your car running smoothly.

Issues With The Battery

As mentioned above, the alternator works closely with the battery, so a new battery that dies often may actually be due to a faulty alternator.


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