Guardian Ignition Interlock

alcohol and car keysHave you been arrested for a DUI? Do you worry about how much alcohol may be in your system after a couple drinks out at dinner? A Guardian Ignition Interlock will ensure you don’t get behind the wheel after drinking in both cases. This device is wired into your ignition; it prevents your car from starting unless you blow into its breathalyzer at less than the legal limit. Here at our service center in Albuquerque, Guardian Ignition Interlock installation service is free on most vehicles.

Benefits of a Guardian Ignition Interlock:

  • This device is user-friendly. Its display is simple and easy to understand. It starts up quickly and gets results fast. Audible and visual signaling options are available.
  • It doesn’t take up too much space; the breathalyzer fits easily in one hand, perfect for vehicles without a lot of extra room.
  • Results are always precise. The device only reacts with alcohol, there are no false positives. Delay of start-up time is minimal in cold weather conditions. Altitude doesn’t skew readings. The device actually outperforms NHTSA requirements.
  • 24/7 support line offered. Training on proper use of device is given during the installation process.

Ensuring people are driving sober and responsibly helps improve the overall safety of our streets here in Albuquerque. Guardian Ignition Interlock installation is an integral part of this. These devices are on the cutting edge of breathalyzer technology; alcohol-specific fuel cells ensure the most accurate BAC readings possible.

Device FAQs:

What if I just have a sober person blow into the device?

Anti-circumvention features installed in the device prevent this. A child typically will not have the lung capacity to get a reading. Rolling retests are also required at regular intervals.

What is a rolling retest?

These are additional tests required after the initial test. They are given at regular, random intervals. If you fail a rolling retest, the vehicle’s alarm goes off and and lights flash until it is pulled over and turned off.

Can the device be installed on a vehicle not registered to me?

Yes, with a few requirements; the owner of the vehicle must either be present during installation or a notarized permission letter can be presented in their absence.

If installation of the Guardian Ignition Interlock device sounds like the right choice for you, contact our Albuquerque service center for more information. We will install for free on most vehicles. We can be reached at (505) 255-0602.