Albuquerque Brake Fluid Flush Service

Most car manufacturers recommend brake fluid change every 20,000 to 25,000 miles. However there are other factors that cause brake fluid to become dirty or to break down, making it necessary to have brake fluid flush before 20,000 miles.

One reason for brake fluid break down is water contamination. Most brake fluids are glycol-based which is hygroscopic or water loving. It means that it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. So, the water content increases with time. The problem with water is that it lowers the boiling point of brake fluid. It is important for brake fluids to have high boiling temperatures so that they don’t vaporize when subjected to the high temperature generated when the car is running.

If you notice a sluggish response when in braking or the brake pedal feels spongy, it’s a sign that it’s time to change the brake fluid. If the color of the brake fluid has become orange or darker, your car may need a brake fluid flush before replacing the brake fluid. New brake fluid is clear and yellowish in color.

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