4 Simple Ways to Winterize Your Car

Although New Mexico is known for it’s heat (but it’s a dry heat!), the winter is not without its fair share of cold temperatures and snow. Here are some simple tips you can follow to make sure your vehicle is ready for use during the winter months:

Check Defroster & Heater

Ensuring your heater core and blower motor are functioning will save hassle during the winter, and will make your morning commute much more safe and comfortable.

Check Tire Pressure

As temperatures drop, your manufacturer may recommend changing your tire pressure accordingly. Be sure to check with your tire manufacturer’s recommendations for proper safety.

Not winterizing your vehicle can make travel in snow difficult. No Worries Auto RepairCheck Tire Type

Some counties have restrictions on studded tires or chains, while others may recommend them  on certain roadways depending on conditions. In any case, your tires should have adequate tread, and it is prudent to always monitor road conditions and change your tires accordingly.

Check 4WD/AWD Systems

If you have a 4-Wheel Drive or All-Wheel Drive system, be sure each component is functioning properly and become familiar with its use under different conditions to be sure you are well-equipped for driving in the winter.

If you follow these steps, your vehicle should travel well and keep you safe in winter conditions. Always be sure to follow sign instructions and observe caution at all times. If you notice any problems with your vehicle during inspection of these systems, call No Worries Auto Repair or bring your car in and let us take a look!