4 Signs You Need To Get Your Car Brakes Checked

4 Signs You Need To Get Your Car Brakes Checked

There Are A Few Signs To Look Out For When You Need Your Car Brakes Checked.

While every aspect of your car is important, your brakes are something that needs to be in tip-top condition. It’s a car maintenance task that is overlooked a lot of the time, but car brakes that are in poor shape can really affect the way your car drives. Here are five signs that you need your car brakes checked.

Grinding or Clicking Noises

Bring in your car if you hear any grinding or clicking noises when you brake. This indicates that your brake pads are worn down.

Your Car Is Pulling

Pulling refers to when your car pulls to one side when you use your brakes. This can be a sign of a brake adjustment or that you need more brake fluid.

Vibrating Brake Pedal

When you car brakes are vibrating, this is a sign that either your car is out of alignment or warped rotors. This needs to be looked at as soon as possible, so there is no long-lasting damage to your brake pedal.

Decreased Responsiveness

Responsiveness in regards to a car’s brake means that your brake pedal is sinking to the floor or not as responsive as it used to be. There could either be a brake fluid leak or air leak that is causing this to happen, but either way, it needs to be looked at immediately.

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