Now, as we’re in the dead of summer, more and more clients are coming to us with broken air conditioners! Now, we can assure you that the drive to the shop with a broken A/C is not a fun one, so it is best to recognize the symptoms of a failing A/C. That way, you can take it in for repairs far before it completely fails on you. Today, we took the time to give you a few tips on how to figure out if your A/C is going to fail on you!

Loud Noises

Aside from the fan blowing, you shouldn’t hear any strange sounds when you turn on the A/C in your car. If you DO hear loud noises when you turn it on, it could indicate and issue with the compressor, so its a good idea to get it checked!

Coolant Leaking

While you won’t typically find this kind of issue in a newer vehicle, you can sometimes get coolant leaks in older vehicles. Any time your coolant hose pops a leak, you know that A/C failure is not far off.

Bacteria Buildup

While you may not be taking samples from your A/C, you’ll be able to smell any bacteria buildup pretty easily. These germs need to be flushed out, because the moisture they thrive on can cause issues for the A/C. Luckily, this is a simple and inexpensive fix!

Changes In Temperature

When your A/C is having trouble, it may have trouble staying consistent with the temperature it puts out. You can remedy this by removing water buildup from the hoses.

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