Tire Rotation in Your Regular Maintenance Routine

car rims and tiresWhen you take your vehicle for regular maintenance, what is your usual maintenance routine? An oil change and a brake check are likely part of your routine, but servicing your tires is critical to keep your car functioning safely and efficiently. To help you remember tire rotation as part of your regular maintenance routine, we walk through the benefits of rotating your tires here.

As you drive, your tires perform different jobs, which causes them to wear down at different rates. While all tires do eventually wear out, having tires that are all near the same level of tread is important so you are not surprised by tires that don’t properly respond when you turn, brake, or drive on wet pavement.

Rotating your tires to alternate locations on your vehicle allows your tires to wear at a more even rate. It is no secret that tires are expensive; regular tire rotation preserves the integrity of your tires to help them last longer and save you money down the road!

Tire Rotation in Albuquerque

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